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Try Out A Live Online Piano Lesson To See If You Like It

I am offering one free 45-minute piano lesson and consultation to an adult or adult/child combo with an interest in trying out live online piano lessons. The session will be conducted over Skype and will feature:  

  • Discussion about your instrument
  • How to set up your equipment for best results for communicating online
  • What styles you are interested in studying and your musical goals
  • Various method materials [books I recommend]
  • Our mutual schedules for ongoing lessons
  • Note:  I currently offer piano lessons in English.

Please Note:  Lesson time slots are subject to availability.  You must have a Skype account [they are free], desktop or laptop computer or tablet  in order to connect with us.  This type of lesson will not work over the phone.

Pricing for Ongoing Online Lessons

Online Piano Lessons

30 Minutes:  $25 per lesson

45 Minutes:  $37 per lesson

60 Minutes:  $49 per lesson

Registration:  &25 per student

About Me

  • I have had extensive training and experience as a performer and private lesson educator. I have a degree in music and have worked as a professional musician for over 30 years.  I have taught piano, technique and theory for 15 years.
  • I have no criminal history and run background checks through the national FBI data system for all teachers in my business.
  • My live online lessons provide a learning experience that is almost identical to sitting next to a teacher, and some clients have expressed a preference for online lessons over music studios or lessons in their home.
  • I am able to teach performance, theory and technique in different musical idioms such as classical, jazz, gospel, blues, C&W, R&B, Pop etc.

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Hazel D [5 Stars] Oct 19, 2016
Bonnie Still the Best
Bonnie continues to encourage me. She's been pushing me along over the past year - since my last review wherein i noted she's taught me to write charts and play music by ear. This past year we have been focusing on Playing Country, walkups, walk downs, and heavy theory. All of this is making me more confident to move around on the keyboard while singing. Again, the Skype Lessons are very convenient!
Customer from January 2007 to June 2017

Hazel D [5 stars]   Oct 8, 2015

Bonnie is the Best!
Bonnie has given me piano lessons off and on for over 8 years. She's taught me to play music by ear and write charts. I have learned so much from her instruction and continue to learn. I love the Skype lessons she is now providing - so convenient for me to sit at my piano and not hassle with traffic. She has always been professional and encouraging. I love that she creates written music licks for the specific song I am working on and emails me those in pdfs. Bonnie, you're the best!
Customer from January 2007 to June 2017

Gabriela C. [5 stars]   Oct 4, 2015

Mrs. Bonnie Brown
Mrs. Bonnie is an amazing piano teacher. She was patient and encouraging with our daughter, and worked within our child's school constraints. We highly recommend her as one of the best piano teachers.
Customer from May 2014 to May 2017


W.L.  [5 Stars]   May 29, 2015

Highly recommended
My piano instructor is professional, committed, and dedicated to my improvement. Ms. Bonnie is amazing! I have learned much more than just how to play the piano - I have learned about musical styles and music history as well. The best part about my instructor is that she lets me be me and allows me pick pieces that I want to learn as well. Thank you Ms. Bonnie.
Customer from May 2014 to August 2017


One FREE live 45-minute online piano lesson and consultation

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If you are a registered client and refer someone else to our service who then purchases at least 4 weeks worth of in-home or online lessons from us, you will receive one free lesson as our way of saying thanks.  Be sure to let us know the names of persons you refer.